cropped-timberline-4views-896x114.jpgJoin Vision Soccer Academy and our Community to build the Timberline Soccer Complex

The Campaign to Build the VSA Timberline Soccer Complex is well underway! The facility is located at the corner of LA Grant Parkway and Ashworth in Waukee. The Timberline Complex will be one of Iowa’s premier soccer destinations, creating a facility at which youth soccer will thrive. The complex is now open and is the home to Vision Soccer Academy, and will serve the Students of the Waukee School district, and soccer players from all across the state of Iowa and the Midwest region.

VSA has partnered with the Waukee School District to create the Timberline Complex through a 28E Partnership. This partnership will provide VSA with a facility to enable its membership to continue to grow, while creating much needed green space and top-notch soccer facilities for the Waukee students and residents in the area. The facility will serve as the permanent home for VSA and its membership.

The goal of phase 2 of our Campaign is to raise $650,000 to complete the development of amenities on the site. Upon completion, the facility will offer:

– Over 20 Acres of Fields and Practice Space

– A Multi-Purpose Building with Concessions, Restrooms and offices

– Lighting to illuminate 33% of the playing surface

– A Walking path around the complex

We hope you will join us to support the campaign and to spread the word about the campaign to your friends, family and co-workers. With your support , we will build an exciting facility that will benefit our kids, our schools, our community and the local soccer program for years to come.