Timberline Soccer Complex
Fact Sheet

  • 18.5 Acres, accommodating over 30 soccer fields of various sizes, representing more actual playing space than current facility. – 28e lease through 2040 with the Waukee School District.

  • VSA has primary responsibility for scheduling and supervision of the complex.

  • Required 5 year notification of lease termination by either party.

  • Improvement cost recovery for early termination of lease, School District obligation to VSA if terminated prior to:

2020 100%
2025 75%
2030 50%
2035 25%
2040 10%

  • VSA non-exclusive access rights to 175 space parking lot adjacent to Timberline School and upon completion, access to 750 space parking lot of future Waukee CAPS complex immediately adjacent to VSA fields.

  • Scheduled to open Fall 2015.

  • 8 miles of sand seem sub-drain system, full A.D.A. accessibility, west border fencing, and landscaping requirements. VSA access to adjacent full size irrigated soccer pitch located in the infield of the Waukee School’s practice track.

  • VSA Infrastructure includes irrigation, dwarf tall fescue seeding, 390’ x 265’ soccer dedicated artificial turf pitch, bleacher seating, 6’ black vinyl perimeter fencing for turf field, multi-purpose building with concession, restrooms, storage, office/conference room, 4 Musco light towers.

  • The VSA planned improvements and school provided infra-structure, utilities, and acquisition and parking combine to make Timberline Soccer Complex a $7 million athletic facility.